A Twin Soul Mediums reading from the aspect of Oneness and Unconditonal Love. The goal of each reading is to help you find you highest excitement and take steps on the path consciously building the life you actively create. ​ Learn More...

Twin Soul Mediu​ms

working from Oneness

When Twin souls join together, it is to assist by example and by teaching for the expansion of the conSciousness of the planet.  its all about oneness.

Starting July 1, 2014, Christal and Karen have committed to working through A Course in Miracles. This will be a working over the next two years. Broadcasting daily on YOUTUBE you are invited to join. Check the ACIM link. Stay tuned..

Both Karen and Christel both give lectures and give readings at many different spiritual fairs and events. Be sure to check our schedule for details. Perhaps you want to invite them to your event. Go to Agenda...